Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Why This University Essay Sample Matters

Why This University Essay Sample MattersIt is hard to believe that a single article with a huge difference in both tone and content can change the outcome of a position paper by more than 200 words, but that is exactly what one specific study done at the University of Michigan revealed. That study focused on the impact of various terms used in an essay on the result of the tests that the students were given.The effect that the use of the word 'human' has on the results of the test was one that surprised many, as they had been aware of the fact that using the word could be detrimental to test scores. However, the results showed that using the word 'human' when writing essays may actually be beneficial. In fact, it was found that using 'human' in the title, first paragraph, and throughout the remainder of the essay seemed to help students improve their test scores.According to the report, there were two different students who were assigned essay samples in a specific type of situation. One was asked to use some variation of 'this university essay samples' whenever possible. While the other was given a different set of samples to use depending on the topic.The results were really quite startling, and different students would often get different results. Students who were asked to use the term 'this university essay samples' performed better than those who used different types of essay samples. The same principle seemed to hold true when it came to the word 'human', as the word was able to affect test scores when writing an essay about a human subject.The fact that 'human' is such a powerful word when it comes to essay topics seems to be why many teachers focus so much on the word 'human' in their teaching. It is almost a given in most situations that students will use the word 'human' when discussing human subjects that deal with human problems. The importance of this rule can sometimes be overlooked,especially when students become engrossed in the other details o f the lesson.The test results show that when students are given the opportunity to use 'human' in essays about a human subject, it will actually boost test scores. The students who were given essay samples that did not contain the word 'human' did worse on the tests than those who were given the same subjects with 'human' included. By including the word 'human' in the essay, the students were better able to relate to the topic and to answer the questions correctly.Other results from the test results showed that 'funny' also had a very positive impact on test scores. When writing an essay that included the word 'funny', students did better on the tests. The same thing occurred when the word 'funny' was included throughout the essay.Overall, the test results showed that it was best to stick to the basic vocabulary and lessons when writing an essay for an exam. 'Human' should be included when dealing with human subjects, but when there is no human element involved in the essay it is be st to avoid including it. This is why it is best to follow the best sample use when learning to write an essay.

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